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Learning consultancy from Oliver Quinlan.

Oliver is an educator, writer, speaker and researcher working on innovation in learning. He's worked as an award winning teacher, University academic, and research project manager for innovation charity Nesta.

He wrote 'The Thinking Teacher' (Crown House, 2014) and has spoken at Oppi (Helsinki & New York), The London Festival of Education and The MacArthur Foundation Disruptive Innovation Festival.

Oliver works with organisations to figure out complex learning challenges from how to practically innovate in schools, to evaluating and evidencing the impact of learning technology.

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Oliver is available to work on a variety of learning projects including:

Learning Design

  • Creating courses & programmes
  • Advising on learning & development
  • Event design & curation


  • Developing learning innovation approaches
  • New technologies for learning
  • Ed Tech startup mentoring

Writing & Speaking

  • Keynote presentations
  • Conference workshops
  • Articles and reports
  • Research


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